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Split album with Courtships (VA). Released by Soul Jolt Records (MA)


released 30 May 2013
Recorded and mixed by Richard Salino.



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Track Name: The Devil (Hooah!)
Healed. We are healed again. Built of frail minds, sinking lungs and bodies aching. This is a match for every empty skull of the families with gasoline eyes. The smoke is choking me out, but I love it. Don't you love it? When hands guide the hands that hold the throat of our own dissapointment, we're all set to choke and we're the ones who all made the appointment. Repent. React. Forget your promise of Heaven, spitting out what you've taken. Now it's got you running. Now it's louder, but we need it in our lives. We've run out of ground to turn up for the health deprived. Louder always louder. You need this in your life, you've run out of legs to stand on. Eat what I prescribe. Healed, we are healed. You are the devil and you love it. Healed, we are healed. I am the devil and I'm sick of it.
Track Name: Say It Like Pacino
So let's just forget that you've been shoveling dirt in my head. You've peeled your concerns from your frame so you won't feel the shake. How could we all feed the world when all you'll ever want is your half? Show your hands. Heritage in every ache, we'll be the fangs and this, the bone to break. Despised and cast aside, have we waited all our lives for this? To become this; teeth on bone? I'll love myself, you'll tie the noose. I'll hang my head, you'll cut me loose. So let's just pretend that you awake with your head in your hands. Distraught, discontent and disgusted by how you are blessed. I try not to think about or see my people's wretched hearts. All in the "who's who", with their tops down, getting sun and looking sharp. First base greets me with a fist and as fun as that is, I don't wanna play ball anymore with these kids. (You are what you can't forget.) We are the vessels for all that is great. We are discarding the devil. Give back what you take.